ECards for Animal Protection

In more than a third of all German households live pets, of which are about 8.2 million cats and 5.5 million dogs, 3.4 million birds, 6.4 million small animals (Note: German Industry Association of Pet Supplies 2009).

Unfortunately, especially small animals end up in animal shelters in large numbers. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats or mice are often purchased only as a stopgap rather than a dog or cat for the children and are quickly released, sometimes simply forgotten.

The humanely keeping of small animals requires knowledge of their needs, claims and care, enough money for their nutrition, large, well-structured houses, and time for dealing with them.

To draw the attention exactly on these animals the Representative for Animal Welfare in Hessen carried out a project with the Department of Communication Design (Prof. Krisztian and his students) at the College RheinMain in 2011. Besides, the students compiled different artistic attempts to these protection of animals problems. With their drafts they advertise in a unique way for animal welfare.

Besides, just renunciation of an animal can also be a protection of animals.